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Job Id 23082023
Title Sr Data Research Analyst
Job Type Permanent
City Hyderabad
State Telangana
Job Description
Company Overview:
Makro is a leading company in the None industry, specializing in data research and analysis. Our team of experts delivers high-quality insights and intelligence to support decision-making in the field of drug research and development. We strive to stay up-to-date with regulatory legislation and guidelines to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Join our dynamic team and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Role and Responsibilities:
As a Sr Data Research Analyst at Makro, your role will involve performing comprehensive secondary research to provide detailed information and complete profiles of products. You will be responsible for capturing data on companies developing drugs, devices, and other pharmaceutical products from various sources such as press releases, annual reports, clinical trial reports, and more. Your primary responsibilities will include:
  • Grasping new concepts quickly and evaluating scientific data
  • Keeping up-to-date with changes in regulatory legislation and guidelines
  • Conducting intelligence research and analysis on public, biotech, and pharma companies
  • Compiling and analyzing data using modern and traditional methods
  • Evaluating applicable laws and regulations to determine impact
  • Mentoring team members in data research and analysis

Candidate Qualifications:
To be eligible for this role, you should meet the following criteria:
  • 4-7 years of experience in data research and analysis
  • Education in any UG/PG in Life Sciences
  • Strong knowledge and skills in scientific terminology, secondary research, regulatory bodies (likely Medical Devices), and clinical trials

Required Skills:
This role requires the following skills:
  • Knowledge of Regulatory Affairs
  • Sound knowledge of all aspects of product development, including research, clinical trials, manufacturing practices, regulations, and approval processes
  • Secondary research skills
  • Knowledge of drugs and clinical trials
  • Analytical knowledge and scientific terminology
Qualification Any UG/PG In Life Sciences
Experience 4-6 Years
Job Category Scientific
Posted On 8/24/2023
Expires On 9/24/2023
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